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As your finances grow, everything is getting more complicated.

You've come too far to feel stressed by money.

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You deserve to be just as confident with your money as you are in the rest of your life.

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We empower people by aligning their money and their life so they can enjoy the freedom they deserve.

I'm Leah, and I get it. You've worked hard to earn what you have, and you need a plan to ensure your money is working hard for you.

Imagine a scenario where your money and your goals work in tandem. You spend your days doing what you love and have a clear understanding of what comes next.

I founded Orchard Financial Group to represent those dreams and as a place that respected the process of achieving them. I am known for being down-to-earth and approachable, but believe me when I say -- I am very good at what I do. You can be confident you're in good hands.

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Our work together is collaborative. We will sit down and discuss your journey and find out how you operate now and what you envision your progress looks like for your future.

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We will partner with you every step of the way. With every decision to be made, we'll ensure that you have just what it takes to come to a clear, confident financial conclusion.
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At Orchard Financial Group, we know how stressful it can be to operate and maintain a successful work-life balance and a diversified growth plan. After a while, it all starts to look the same. Your routines become your lifestyle, and your individual planning goes out the window. But here's the thing — you shouldn't have to live that way.

We want to take the stress of designing and sustaining the complete fiscal package off your plate so you can focus on what you're great at - living life by your design. Live Boldly

We are a fee-only, fiduciary, and independent financial advisory firm. As such, we are never paid a commission of any kind. At Orchard Financial Group, we specialize in explaining and strategizing for Equity Compensation, Incentive Stock Options (ISO), Restricted Stock Units (RSU), and Non-qualified Stock Options (NSO) that benefit our growing client base. We pride ourselves in offering Socially Responsible Investment Strategies for every portfolio and are incredibly passionate about working with our wonderfully diverse LGBTQIA+ community and their families. We have made it our mission to be a committed ally to you and your goals.

If you're ready to move forward or would like to find out more about our planning and management partnership — follow the link below to schedule a meeting. We are excited to talk with you through all your questions and concerns.