No two people are the same.
Financial advice shouldn’t be either.

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The Total Package

Category is: Financial Fierceness! Where your money goals meet their fabulous match. Designed for those who value a sophisticated financial journey, our full-service Wealth Management and Financial Planning offers a lasting relationship with the financially savvy. We’ll kick things off with tailored education and sashay through the details with personalized planning and accountability. With every step, you'll receive straightforward, actionable advice and a dynamic roadmap to serve up financial realness with flawless execution. Frequent check-ins and steadfast support will keep your financial spirit high as we focus on multiplying your wealth and boosting your financial health. Ready to turn your financial goals into a lifestyle? Let's make magic happen and keep that financial spark alive!
Annual Cost: Starting at $5,000+
  • For clients with $500k+ in investable assets
  • Initial One-Time Plan Design - $3,000
  • Option to bill monthly, quarterly, or once a year
Time: Three Meeting Over Three Months

Earn. Save. Slay.

This stellar financial planning package is your catwalk to financial clarity and style. Jump into our dazzling strategy sessions, where we serve up robust action plans that empower you to werk your finances with confidence. Over three months, we'll craft a snatched financial plan complete with an actionable checklist—because who says money talks can't be fabulous? Perfect for those ready to elevate their finances, this package offers not just a map, but an entire GPS of luminous possibilities, with optional ongoing support to keep you slaying. 

Cost: $5,000

Optional Ongoing Support: Please Inquire

Makin' Money Moves

Hit the spotlight with our project-based planning service designed for those crucial money moves. Plotting a chic new home purchase or optimizing your lush cash reserves? Honey, we've got you covered! Start with a data-gathering session that is a 30-minute deep dive into your fabulous life. Followed up with a 75-minute power sesh to craft a bespoke plan as unique as you are. This is your secret weapon for making bold, brilliant financial decisions, and is your go-to for stellar financial advice that always lands just right. Ready to slay those big financial decisions with sass and class? Let’s get started!


Corporate Accounts

Empower your team with a customized financial wellness program. Our goal? To equip your employees with the tools they need for financial serenity, enhancing the workplace vibe. By alleviating financial stress, your team can focus on thriving professionally.

Cost: Based on services selected

Time: Initial Engagement Length - 12 Months